All The Daze Productions

Providing you the script and direction you need to give your best performance.

All the DAZE Productions offers top quality inclusive programs, with the goal of fostering a love of theatre in youth.

At All the DAZE Productions, youth ages 7-17 gain experience in acting, singing, and dancing in a positive, non-competitive and respectful environment.

Every program at All the DAZE Productions is developed specifically for youth to develop leadership skills, a professional work ethic, community involvement and team building skills while gaining confidence and self esteem.

Employment and mentorship opportunities are available every season for individuals with production and performance skills and experience.

Due to the importance of our rehearsals, your actor's consistent attendance and the demands of a production, we ask that you carefully consider registration, your family's calendar of events and your child's ability to commit to this show.

Please note: it is rare that any actor can participate fully in two theatrical programs at a time.

As the Creative Director, I sincerely look forward to meeting you, your actor and family. This is collaborative adventure and I welcome you to your journey with All the DAZE Productions.