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Offering a Safe Place for Everyone to Create and Express their Individuality


Your actor is asked to agree to our behavior contract as a promise to remember to be respectful to others and the spaces we always use.

All the DAZE Productions shares space with International Dance Academy and Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Both facilities are open to the public and offer educational and community programs at the same time as us, therefore it is important for every actor to remember to be kind and mindful of others. Each actor is representing All the DAZE Productions and their best self. Generally, these facilities have been impressed with the behavior of so many age groups working collaboratively and adore listening to our rehearsals and performances; however there have been a few reports documented of disrespectful language and mischief that could jeopardize our partnership. Actors identified in these reports will have a meeting with their director to discuss the complaint and solution.

All the DAZE Productions will not permit cell phones during rehearsals. Actors need to give their attention to their director and fellow actors working in the scene. Directors and volunteers work hard to keep actors busy between rehearsing and art projects related to the production. If idol time happens, actors are reminded that waiting is part of the process and a skill important to the success of a final production. Being backstage during a show is a lot of silent waiting. Without cell phones, actors should not be tempted to participate in social media, taking photos, texting, “snap chatting”, uploading videos or sharing the contents of our rehearsals without permission. This can be a violation of our license agreement with the company that provides the script and rights to produce the show. Any financial fees incurred if charged with an offense will be charged to the family.

All the DAZE Productions will not permit bullying or gossip – verbal, physical or cyber. If any type of negativity is preventing your actor from participating in rehearsals or production by another member of All the DAZE Productions, this must be brought to our attention immediately. If your actor is being criticized, pressured, or influenced negatively directly or through any type of online abuse, please ensure it is shared with your director immediately. Families are encouraged to keep abusive emails, photos, texts or screenshots as evidence that documents the bullying. All the DAZE Productions will not tolerate any negative remarks about the organization, its volunteers, or associated members. All these behaviors will be dealt with directly with the families involved. Theatre is built on respect, loyalty and trust. These are the only qualities that will develop a safe place to be creative and your actor to thrive.

All the DAZE Productions will work with all participating families to keep every actor safe. Please know it is very rarely that any concerns are brought to my attention by actors, families or community members and I feel fortunate to spend time with grateful, team-orientated, sparkly children that ultimately want to have fun expressing their creativity.



My Promise….


  • I promise to remember other people’s feelings. I will be kind and respectful with my words and actions.


  • I promise to consider other people’s workspace. I know they need to concentrate. I know they want it to be beautiful.


  • I promise to be creative. My cell phone does not make me imaginative, communicative or an active participant at rehearsal. I promise to leave my cell phone in a safe space (provided by the director) so I can listen and be fully involved at rehearsal.


  • I will cheer for every actor and support this cast. I will help each rehearsal to be successful and the production to sparkle with many stars.


  • I will respect other actors’ personal space and values


  • I will help All the DAZE Productions be a safe place built from respect, mutual consent, loyalty and trust.

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