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Creature Feature Puppet Troupe 

This creative initiative was founded in 2015 by Creative Director, Marcia Arpin. 

This troupe designed, crafted, scripted and produced a puppet show like none other. It mixed the acting talents of each performer on stage as a part of the cast and their cloth creature who served as an additional character in the play.

Original Troupe Members included: Ivy Kempe, Danielle Morgan, Callie Tremblay, Ashley Luoma, Olivia Boon, 
The 2016 Creature Feature Puppet Toupe: Becca Start, Sarah Sainio, Kiki Klages, Jorja Larrett, Claire Roy, Halle Sprickeroff. Payge Graham, Charlotte Lightwood, Kate Kovac, Simon Reynolds, Drea Hahnle

Look for featured CREATURES in each of our productions. 

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