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All the DAZE Productions


SPRING DAZE - Fun and Fabulous


May 2023 - SHOW TIME !!!! Looking forward to seeing you :)


April 2023 - We are excited to present our latest musicals at our best professional stages locally! Tickets for "The Grunch" are available at Magnus Theatre. AND "Into the Woods" tickets are available at the Community Auditorium. All Tickets are $20

March 2023 - We are so excited to host rehearsals once again at International Dance Academy. Our biggest musicals are rehearsing now - singing - dancing - acting and simply having fo much fun!



February 2023 - Rehearsals will begin again. We are building an enchanted forest of dancers, actors, and singers ages for INTO THE WOODS and a fantastic broadway inspired elementary school for THE GRUNCH. 


January 2023 - We are offering registration for INTO THE WOODS (ages 14-104) and THE GRUNCH (ages 7-13). Performances in May 2023.


December 2022 - SHOWTIME! Join us for Annie Jr. at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. New production for 2023 announced at the show


AUTUMN DAZE 2022 - Biggest Stage - Biggest Audience - Biggest Show


November 2022 - Tickets now on sale at for ANNIE Jr.


October 2022 - Rehearsals continue for Annie Jr. Tickets now on sale at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium We are also excited to host a daytime school specifically for schools and large groups. For more information, contact


September 2022 - Registration for the classic Broadway production of "Annie Jr". Casting Call for actors ages 7-18. Rehearsals at International Academy of Dance Saturdays and Sundays. Performance in December 2022. For more information, contact



SUMMER DAZE - Daydreaming DAZE

August 2022 - What's Next?


July 2022 - NEW! Backyard Theatre Program - Reunite with All the DAZE Productions as we playfully rehearse several musical performance selections to be presented at various events throughout the city. We are welcoming new and past actors interested in acting, singing, and dancing.  All program supplies and materials included. 


June 2022 - Photography DAZE - We are spending the summer behind the camera developing our technical skills. Stay tuned for new photos added to our boutique. Want to join us for a photography shoot? Email to find out our next location, date and time.

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