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Theatre DAZE

Since 2016, Creative Director Marcia (Kamstra)Arpin of "All the DAZE Productions" has offered top quality inclusive programs, with the goal of expressing creativity.  

Marcia Arpin is an Early Childhood Educator with a lifetime of experience in visual art, theatre and dance. Using the best of each person's temperament and talent, Marcia works to teach every individual the skills needed to produce their best performance. The process of getting to a finished product is play-based and a journey of teamwork, trust and creativity. 

Marcia Arpin's "All the DAZE Productions" is a passion project. Within each program Marcia strives to mentor every child to express their personal creativity through art, dance, singing, music, storytelling, and performance. Each person is invited to draw, paint, design props, sew, sculpt, stage manage, and produce the technical support needed to develop a show. Every production is an example of many talented collaborative efforts of this theatre company's members. 

Every program at All the DAZE Productions is developed specifically for each person to develop leadership skills, a professional work ethic, community involvement and team building skills while gaining confidence and self esteem. 


At All the DAZE Productions offers experience in visual art, production skills, acting, singing, and dancing in a positive, non-competitive and respectful environment. 

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